EMC VNX – VNX Snapshots and SMPs – screencast

I have created about ~20 minutes screencast about VNX Snapshots and Snapshot Mount Points.

Instead of a lot of theory explaination (which you can find for example here EMC VNX – Snapshots) I’m focusing on showing the basic functionality on two examples.

Example 1. I simulate a data loss from the host side, as an example new version of Software XYZ was released and instead of using the existing database file with your crucial data, it creates a new one, overwriting your existing data.

Example 2. This time you are smarter and you have a test environment on which you would like to test first the newer release of your software. But you need a copy, or image of your production data to make sure the test is valid. How to do that using Snapshots and SMPs technologies?

3 thoughts on “EMC VNX – VNX Snapshots and SMPs – screencast

  1. Thank you for that screencast. Very well explained.
    I guess maybe it would be worth to provide CLI version for such tasks like create/manage snapshot/smp etc performed on that screencast. I think it’s perfect set to see GUI version and corresponding CLl commands, i usually run commands looking on GUI just to visualize.
    Another idea for blog article if you have spare time 🙂 i think a lot of people mix Snapview snapshots with VNX snapshots thinking it’s the same. I havent’t found any screencast showing in practice which is used when and etc.

  2. Can you touch on Reserve LUN pool and how is it used in the production… cons and pro cons.. and another question.. Do you know of any VirtualBox (QEMU) or VM for VNX osftware? thanks you have help me a lot!

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