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My name is Tomek and I am a Cloud Architect with a passion for open source development, cloud computing, and DevOps. I have experience working with various technologies such as Python, Go, Terraform, GCP, and Kubernetes. I enjoy creating and sharing educational content through my YouTube channel and blog. I have storage background, hence so many entries about NetApp, EMC etc and.. Blog name!

If you wish to learn a little bit more about me or contact me you can find me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomaszporozynski

You can also find me on YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/storagefreak

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20 thoughts on “About me

  1. HI,

    Am very interested in storage that am taking classes on NetApp and EMC.
    I work for a System Integration company and would appreciate any tips, tricks for Exam E20-390 or Study Guide which am scheduled to do. I love your Blog which is very well explained for all storage fans regardless of their level of expertise.

  2. I, too, work for a big IT company. I love hitting your blog for quick recaps/refreshers on storage I normally do not use or haven’t worked with in a while.

    Keep up the great work!!

  3. Hi,
    This is one of the awesome website to learn storage stuffs.
    could you please brief about the VNX Lun backups (NDMP)using Symantec Netbackup.

    Bets Regards

    1. Hi Vijeesh.
      Thanks 🙂 As for today I don’t have too much experience with Symantec Netbackup but if I come across with some interesting materials I will let you know!


  4. Good work Tomek. Keep it going. Some pointers – if you are willing to dive deep into this stuff – NetApp C-mode stuff (v servers / name spaces, etc), Hitachi (NAS / VSP), IBM N series (virtually a NetApp box), etc would be good. As you work and familiarize yourself with the hardware /software/ architecture, keep them coming. All of us appreciate your efforts!

    1. Hi AK,
      thanks! Currently I am planning to do:
      – create more videos/post with NetApp 7-mode administration.
      – dive a little bit more with VNX, but now only from practical, admin task point of view. Both File and Block level. Maybe more about replication, DR policies etc
      – currently I’m learning more about isilon, I like the concept of scale-out NAS, once I get a little bit more familiar I will try to share some knowledge
      – I would really like to dive in the netapp c-mode. But currently I have very limited knowledge here ;/
      – and in the meantime a little bit more about SAN itself, and brocade administration would be nice as well.

      huh, many things to cover 😉

  5. Do you have any info on emCopy64…there is so little out there. It seems that the commands/switches are tossed at you but no real theory.

  6. Total SSD Drives Available – 11
    Total SAS Drives Available – 51
    Requirement of Disc Space & IOPs
    1. VM – 20TB – 23000 IOPs
    2. DB – 4TB – 7000 IOPs
    3. BKP – 5TB – Standard
    Total IO Required – 30000 IOPs
    No. of disks Purpose Spare Available Disks
    5 SSDs Cache 1 No.s 4 No.s
    6 SSDs Fast VP 1 No.s 5 No.s
    51 SAS Data 2 No.s 45 No.s

    SSD Drive Capacity – 100 GB
    SAS Drive Capacity – 900 GB

    Need to configure Storage Pool, Storage Group and LUN to achieve IO and disk space requirement.

    want to join training please email asap.

  7. Hello Tomek and community,

    can you please share with me a good tutorial or video about basics on:
    SAN connectivity methodologies for storage systems

    Thanks and Regards

  8. Hi Tomek,
    Your Stuff is awesome, Very Very good job and One of the best site for Storage stuff..
    Keep it up and good work

  9. Excellent information that I feel you connect the dots not explained as you do within EMC Ed services. I have been apart of the workforce redistribution since Dell take over and I wish I used your blog twp months ago… Are there possibility to add more hybrid cloud EHC, VPLEX, and vRealize Automation classes? Also maybe some XIO? You really helped fill the gaps with VNX on some of the interview questions I have had. Maybe some more host 2 SAN explained? You have a wonderful way of making things understanding than the standard vlabs..

    Keel it up!!

  10. Great site and presentations, Tomek. I am coming from the Netapp side of storage (inc. C-Dot) and prior to I was working on Clariions a lot. I have a question for you and this is going one step backward, the VNX5200 block implementation. I recon that the VIA tool is used for the Unified/File version of Vnx. however, for block since we dont have CS’s, you supposed to hook your device via SP’s (SPa, SPb), service Lan (or Serial). what is the preferred tool you supposed to run once you’re connected to VNX’s SPs? is this what is called Unisphere Storage Init tool (read but not used yet)? if yes, at what point the initialization stops and let you proceed with the Browser, bringing up Unisphere and cont. with the rest of the the Pools, etc. configurations?
    I know the VIA, b/c the i already used on Unified, and the Init. process is really comprehensive, it can take hours basically does the USM tasks, etc.. I have not done Block Vnx and wonder if I am on the right track with my questions? Tnx.

  11. Hi Tomek,

    Could you please post a blog on SanCopy feature available on VNX. After referring your blog on EMC VNX i find that SanCopy topic is missing. Eagerly waiting for it.



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