Month: January 2015

EMC VNX – Basic (Block) Administration – screencast

I have created another video, working with EMC Unisphere. In about 45 minutes I’m talking about

  • Checking the current configuration of your EMC VNX with Unisphere
  • How to configure FAST Cache
  • How to create heterogenous pools, what is the point in that
  • How to configure a RAID group, you can put traditional LUNs on
  • How to provision storage, create traditional, thin and thick LUNs
  • Register Windows host with VNX system via iSCSI connection
  • Create a Storage Group, mask LUNs to the host
  • Discover LUNs from Windows and create Volumes

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions or suggestion please put them in the comment section.