EMC VNX – VNX Snapshots and SMPs – screencast

I have created about ~20 minutes screencast about VNX Snapshots and Snapshot Mount Points.

Instead of a lot of theory explaination (which you can find for example here EMC VNX – Snapshots) I’m focusing on showing the basic functionality on two examples.

Example 1. I simulate a data loss from the host side, as an example new version of Software XYZ was released and instead of using the existing database file with your crucial data, it creates a new one, overwriting your existing data.

Example 2. This time you are smarter and you have a test environment on which you would like to test first the newer release of your software. But you need a copy, or image of your production data to make sure the test is valid. How to do that using Snapshots and SMPs technologies?

EMC VNX – Thin vs Thick LUNs – screencast

I have created about ~30 minutes screencast about Thin Provisioning.

In this video I’m creating seperate Storage Pools for Thin and Thick LUNs. Later on I will provision storage, allocate it to windows host and put some example data on it to check the Storage Pool utilization. Later on I explain what is over-provisioning – also on example.

Enjoy the video!