EMC VNX – Thin vs Thick LUNs – screencast

I have created about ~30 minutes screencast about Thin Provisioning.

In this video I’m creating seperate Storage Pools for Thin and Thick LUNs. Later on I will provision storage, allocate it to windows host and put some example data on it to check the Storage Pool utilization. Later on I explain what is over-provisioning – also on example.

Enjoy the video!

6 thoughts on “EMC VNX – Thin vs Thick LUNs – screencast

  1. In creating your screencasts, do you use physical VNX? Or are you using a virtual VNX? I’m looking for a vVNX that closely matches the VNX 5300 with block software 5.32 and Unisphere 1.2.30. The VNX 5400 you present in your screencast seems to match what I’m looking for.

    Do you have any tips on where I could find such an appliance?

    EMC makes available a vVNX, but it has a newer Unisphere interface.

    Thank you so much for the screencasts.

  2. You are the most Praiseworthy Storage Admin i have ever seen. I thank you with a humble heart in using so much of your time in giving us this amazing stuff. Keep it rolling. i am very excited to look at all your work on this blog. YOU ARE JUST AMMAZIIIIIIIIING!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you very much for all your great work on this blog! I have been using this to help me study for my VNX Cert and its been extremely helpful to point me in the right direction

  4. Hi .

    I have one concern, how this storage Group is connected to hosts. I know it Happens through Zoning, appreciate could you elaborate SG to Hosts(WWPN).

    Thanks in Advance!

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