NetApp – export your NFS share to multiple hosts

I have created another screencast about creating NFS share within NetApp:

In this video I explain:
– how to use hostnames instead of IP addresses
– how to export a share to multiple hosts
– how to restrict access of the share
– how to create and manage qtrees and security styles

As always all comments and questions are welcome!

4 thoughts on “NetApp – export your NFS share to multiple hosts

  1. Hi Buddy,

    Really helpful this videos.. I added this site as bookmark.

    As a storage admin i am telling your doing great work…

    Very detailed info..


    I hope im seeing more vdo from you.
    I have knowledge on netapp / Sun ( zfs ) storage bit… I will start follow vnx videos from now.

    Thanks again..if any typo im sorry.

    1. thanks Teja. I’m glad that my videos somehow helped you out. I find making videos much ‘harder’ then just writing posts, but on the other hand I think that such ‘real-time examples’ can actually show much more than just text + couple of screenshots


      1. Yes.! your right instead of posting text real time example are worth…

        Like — snap restore ( file , vol ) , CIFS configuration etc…

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