EMC VNX – Basic (Block) Administration – screencast

I have created another video, working with EMC Unisphere. In about 45 minutes I’m talking about

  • Checking the current configuration of your EMC VNX with Unisphere
  • How to configure FAST Cache
  • How to create heterogenous pools, what is the point in that
  • How to configure a RAID group, you can put traditional LUNs on
  • How to provision storage, create traditional, thin and thick LUNs
  • Register Windows host with VNX system via iSCSI connection
  • Create a Storage Group, mask LUNs to the host
  • Discover LUNs from Windows and create Volumes

Enjoy the video and if you have any questions or suggestion please put them in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “EMC VNX – Basic (Block) Administration – screencast

  1. Hi ..
    What is FAST cache in VNX is it same as we do FAST (fully automated storage tiering)in VMAX or it diffident terminology in VNX .

  2. FAST Cache is a different Feature in VNX the goal of FAST Cache to expand VNX system cache by using Flash disk to enhance overall system performance.
    all IO either Read or Write are using system cache as much system cache you have as you get performance.
    System cache size is the is very important component form system performance point of view.

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