Data Center

Key Characteristics of a Data Center

When it comes to the Data Center we always hear terms like Availability, Security, Data integrity etc.. I would like to explain it a little bit more, so you can actually understand what those terms mean:

Manageability – that should be the first one. A data center should provide easy and integrated management of all its elements. That can be achieved thru automation and reduction of human intervention in common tasks.

Availability – a data center should ensure the availability of information when required. What does it mean? Well it simply means no downtime. Unavailability of information could cost a lot of money per hour to business.

Security – all the policies, procedures and core element integration gather together to prevent unauthorized access to the information.

Scalability simple – build an infrastructure that can grow. Business growth almost always requires deploying more severs, new applications, additional databases etc.

Performance –  first you have to establish service levels. Performance management is to make sure that all the elements of the DC provide optimal performance to the required service levels.

Data integrity – make sure that data is stored and retrieved exactly as it was received.

Capacity – when capacity requires increase, the data center must provide additional capacity without interrupting availability or with minimal disruption.

Monitoring – it is a continuous process of gathering information on vaiuos elemnts and sevices running in the data center. The reason  is obvious – to predict unpredictable 🙂

Reporting – an resource perfomance, capacity and utilization gathered together in a point of time.

Provisioning – it is a process of providing the hardware, software and other resources required to run a data center.

Check your knowledge

Which data center requirement refers to applying mechanisms that ensure data is stored and retrieved as it was received?

A. Integrity
B. Availability
C. Security
D. Performance

What is the process of continuously gathering information on various elements and services in a data center? 

A. Reporting
B. Alerting
C. Provisioning
D. Monitoring