SnapMirror in Disaster Recovery scenario – NetApp 7-mode screen-cast

I have created kind of “part 2” of my previous screen-cast (How SnapMirror works). In this one I start with already existing snapmirror relationship between primary and secondary site. I have written short batch file that is simulating business critical application, which is, of course, using NetApp share. Once the application is up-and-running I simulate the ‘disaster’ of primary site and show you how you can recover from disaster, using your DR (secondary) site, together with SnapMirror technology.

During the video I’m also explaining, on the example, what is RPO and RTO. More theory about those two you can find in this post: RPO and RTO – Understanding the difference

2 thoughts on “SnapMirror in Disaster Recovery scenario – NetApp 7-mode screen-cast

  1. I don’t have words to say thank to you. Just a great clear educational stuff.
    I am basically a Unix guy and want to migrate to SAN area. I want to learn SAN desperately because I have done Unix for many years. I need your help to guide me as how I can get into SAN. I have done some basic study on Netapp and EMC DMX/VMAX and VNX.
    You can suggest me some training as well. See the bottom line is I want to get into SAN. No more Unix for me now. Just SAN.
    Waiting for your response.

  2. May i get the contact number who explained in the vedio. Really the way he explaining was so nice, easy to understand.

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