NetApp – Basic Administration (7-mode) screen-cast

It’s been a while since I wrote anything about NetApp. Instead of going deep into any subject I decided to create a ~40 minute screen-cast with some very basic overview of a normal NetApp administration. This video is intended for rather less advanced admins (or even newbies to NetApp world) and I’m focusing mostly on GUI – OnCommand System Manager.

I started with showing how you can access NetApp filer – via GUI (Graphical User Interface) or CLI (Command Line). Later on I give a very short introduction to command line, and move on to the GUI – OnCommand System Manager.

Within GUI I’m starting with creating and explaining what is an aggregate. Later on creating flexible volumeĀ  that resides on this aggregate, qtree and set up some quota. Once this is ready I’m configuring CIFS Server and create CIFS shares plus additional NFS exports. Mounting those from both Windows and Linux host.

At the very end I give a very short introduction to iSCSI LUN as well, but for that topic I promiss to deliver a seperate video.

As always – all comments are most welcomed!