Start Your Journey with Google Cloud Platform

If You notice more and more ‘buzz’ about cloud, and you wish to learn what Google can offer in this area, there isn’t any better time to start than now. Especially if you can do it for free, right? But why do you want to jump into that rabbit hole? Well, it seems that “Cloud” isn’t just a fad, temporary fashion. It seems that Cloud – and Public Cloud Providers are here to stay for good. And GCP (Google Cloud Platform) has a nice offer to try it out for free. The offer available right now: free tier + $300 for people who meet the requirements of their promotion, check out the screen-cast:

Want to learn more? Keep reading!

For some time now, Google has a nice deal for newcomers. At least at the moment of this article has been written (September 2019), there is:

  • Google free trial account – $300 free credit to spend on Google Cloud Platform during the first 12 months
  • Always free tier – free usage of selected products, and monthly limits. Not enough to run the production environment, but often just enough to learn.

To learn more, definitely check out this page: and get more details about the promotion. If you want to see, step by step, how to apply, and see what you can expect, check out my YouTube Video (Embed above)

In my YouTube channel you can also find some GCP tutorials, that might help you make your first steps in GCP. And I’m pretty sure you will like what the platform has to offer. Even though at first it might look quite complex, when you work with it a little bit, it doesn’t seem so scary any more.

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