NetApp cDOT or ONTAP 9 ?

Within ONTAP 9 the naming convention has been slightly modified for the ONTAP family products. I feel I have to explain it a little bit further, since the term I’m using often (NetApp cDOT) might soon be outdated. So here are the details:

  • NetApp cDOT  – cDOT stands for clustered Data ONTAP. It is the product name for clustered-mode ONTAP 8.x. ONTAP 8.x is available in two versions: clustered and 7-mode, therefore this division.
  • ONTAP 9  – With version 9, NetApp ONTAP is available only as clustered mode (7-mode is no longer developed), therefore the product name was actually shorten from Clustered Data ONTAP  to just ONTAP.

Articles regarding NetApp cDOT are also for ONTAP 9. If some feature is only available from specific ONTAP version, I mention that in the article.

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