Snapshots explained – on NetApp 7-mode example – screen-cast

If you want to have a better understanding of Snapshots you can watch my new screen-cast:

In this one instead of a theory I’m trying to show you (based on a real-time examples) how snapshots work – how restore data, etc.. But also – what Storage Engineer has to remember, when dealing with snapshots. This video is based on NetApp (7-mode) and one CIFS share accessed from Windows.

5 thoughts on “Snapshots explained – on NetApp 7-mode example – screen-cast

    1. Thanks Pawel, really appreciate it. I kinda feel this one is too long though, the whole hour of my boring talking – that sounds like a challenge! 😉

  1. It is long but for sure not boring, the only problem for me is to have this one hour to watch without interruption, it is much easier to understand. I really like your examples and the way you explain the things. It is hard to find good training where the teacher is using CLI, hence I like your blog and screencasts.

  2. I’m learning storage because it’s important for my job role, my company uses Netapp so your videos are extremely helpful for my understanding. Thank you Tomek, very much appreciated.

  3. Hi,

    Nice videos and explanations…. thanks for your efforts…

    One thing I would like to know is: – Does netapp has data migration tools like what IBM and EMC offers ?

    For eg: Data from another vendor storage can be migrated to IBM using SVC/V7K’s virtualization feature?
    Does Netapp has similar kind of tools to do data migration ?

    Thanks in advance

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