E20-547 Study Guide

Few months ago I passed E10-001 Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2. It’s time to move forward. My next target is E20-547 which is VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators.

I have already signed up for the exam which will take place 25th of July 2014 (update: passed! 😉 ). That gives me about two months to prepare. More time than necessary, at least i I think so. Anyway – there were no spots left in my training center.

I will cover all the main exam topics to guide you through all requirements.

E20-547 Study guide:

Implementing VNX Security

Block Storage Provisioning and Management

Managing Host Access to Block Storage

Managing Host Access to File Storage

Local Replication

Application Security and Compliance

  •   Functional uses of the Application Protection Suite (Replication Manager, Data Protection Advisor, and AppSync)
  •   Functional uses of the Security and Compliance Suite (Host Encryption, File-Level Retention, and Event Enabler)
  •   Considerations and best practices for VNX integration with VMware ESXi

21 thoughts on “E20-547 Study Guide

  1. Hi Tomek,
    Like your concise layout of the site and simple summary of the topics you covered.
    more iportantly I’m taking e20-547 tomorrow july 11, and remind me to give you some insights what was on the exam.
    cheers, for now
    vlaho (the croatian)

    1. Hi wonder

      The exam is not that simple. I passed it, but I have found that i have to learn a lot more about remote replication for VNX.

  2. I am hoping to take the 547 in Jan/Feb…do you know if they will update it to cover anything “new” or additional?

    1. Hi Paul.

      To my knowledge there is some extra section for replication technologies during this exam. It woudn’t hurt to learn a little bit about mirroview, recoverpoint etc.

  3. Can u plz update the VNX E20-547 marks per topic which will in score report below, as i’m preparing for this exam.

  4. Hi Tomek,

    I am planning to write E10-001 ISMv2, can you please share any study guide or any kind of information for that Exam please….would be very helpful

  5. Tomek , Can u please me in providing the marks (score) per topic wise, which will be in score report, so that i can concentrate more on the topics which are more in marks.

    1. Hi Satish,
      I schedule my exam in 2 weeks and preparing for that . Can you please suggest how you prepared for this and did you follow any dumps for clearing this exam .

  6. I got my 547 specialist today!!
    Thank you for your great lessons.
    You were right…ALOT of RecoverPoint and Usermapper.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Was your preparation purely based on the material on this website? Any suggestions on how you went about preparing for the exam.

  7. hi Paul

    could you please help me for my preparation?
    I want to take this exam but I have not have material, my matterial just from this web.
    could you help to provide material pdf or dumb please?


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